Pontypridd Reverse 10 – Sunday 4th February

Why is it called Reverse 10? No you don’t have to run backwards, the first time they ran the course they ran a circuit in the wrong direction so the mile markers counted down instead of up – so 9,8,7,6,5 etc. AND the 10, well 10 miles of course! (pun fully intended!)

      One of the longest running road races in Wales. As we found out though, the course is now more challenging, but overall probably better over those years.

      Three weekend warriors set off from Porthcawl. We were all a bit unsure due to Six Nations Weekend excesses, viruses and weather. These can always be a challenge in February races. In the end, all three of us reached the start. We got lucky with the weather as heavy rain and winds were forecast, but lighter winds and drizzle was what we got.

            A few words each from our trio:-

 Christian Bold (1h 11 mins 40 secs)

Aims – Perfect prep for me as I’m doing Newport Half on 3rd March so would give me a good insight where I was 4 weeks out! 

Good points – Enjoyed the route, well marshalled with good support throughout. Felt like a well organised event! Long sleeve tshirt was a winner!! 

Bad points – dont think there was any for me?

Score out of 10 – solid 9!

  Ironman, Jay (Bulb) Edmunds (1h 18 m 46 s)

Aims – Brighton Marathon preparation. 

Good event, good value for money, enjoyable scenery and a good shirt.

    Will (Wilfy) Edwards (1h 8 m 33 s)

Aims – beat my time from 20 years ago of 1h 10 mins, whilst preparing for London Marathon 2004. Twenty years later, I am preparing for London 2024.

Good points – new course which was a beauty and I suspect even better in nice weather. Well organised and marshalled. Also chuffed with long sleeved tech T-shirt. 

Bad points – my error, but I wore the wrong shoes (high stacked carbon shoe for straight, even surfaces). A gradual climb became a sharp climb at around mile 2 and course was on uneven paths at points and quite convoluted. 

Score 8/10 

      A special mention for our local superstar from BCRL, Jake Tasker of OPR. An absolute diamond of a runner who always has time to say hello, even during the race, all whilst gliding to victory by a few minutes, in the Reverse 10, in an insane time of 52 minutes 45 secs.